Mycoplasma Elimination

Major impacts of mycoplasma contamination on cell functions
Major impacts of mycoplasma contamination on cell functions


We strongly recommend testing for mycoplasma contamination:

  • when you receive cells from another source/lab
  • when you notice a change in cell growth and/or morphology
  • on a routine basis (e.g. every ~2-3 weeks)

InvivoGen offers MycoStrip™ or PlasmoTest™ for mycoplasma detection.

Cell culture contamination by mycoplasma is a serious concern as it can have major impacts on cell functions, and thus lead to data misinterpretation. InvivoGen offers Plasmocin® and Plasmocure™, two highly cited mycoplasma removal reagents that can save precious cell lines and data. They act fast, allowing mycoplasma eradication in only 2 weeks, with little to no cytotoxicity to mammalian cells.

  • Plasmocin®
    Plasmocin® allows preventive and removal treatment of cells against all common mycoplasma strains. Plasmocin® Prophylactic can be used on a regular basis to prevent mycoplasma contaminations. Plasmocin® Treatment is intended for mycoplasma elimination within 2 weeks.
  • Plasmocure™
    Plasmocure™ is a second-line anti-mycoplasma reagent. It is recommended for Plasmocin®-resistant mycoplasma elimination.  Plasmocure™ rescues cell cultures in 2 weeks.


Important: InvivoGen's anti-mycoplasma products are suitable for research purposes only, and not for human or animal care.


We are continuously improving our anti-microbial reagents.
If you would like to share your experience using Plasmocin® or Plasmocure™, please contact us.



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