Anti-hRANKL Antibody Family

InvivoGen's anti-hRANKL isotype family features the variable region of Denosumab, which targets the transmembrane and soluble forms of human RANKL (receptor activator of nuclear factor-κB ligand) antigen (also known as member 11 of the tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily (TNFSF11)). RANKL binding to its receptor RANK induces signaling in osteoclasts and is responsible for bone resorption. RANKL-RANK also plays a pivotal role in dendritic cell maturation and T-cell differentiation. 

Denosumab is a fully human IgG2 mAb that blocks the interaction of hRANKL with its receptor RANK and thus the downstream signaling.

Our anti-hRANKL antibodies feature either native or engineered constant regions (Fc) to modulate their biological activity (such as complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) or antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)).

InvivoGen’s antibodies of the anti-hRANKL isotype family are generated by recombinant DNA technology, produced in CHO cells, and purified by affinity chromatography according to their isotype (protein G for IgG1 and IgG2 and peptide M for IgA2). More isotypes are available and can be used for comparison of biological activities such as ADCC (see below or in the 'upon request' section).

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