HEK-Blue™ IFN-γ cells

HEK-Blue™ IFN-γ cells allow the detection of bioactive human IFN-γ by monitoring the activation of the JAK/STAT-1 pathway.

HEK-Blue™ IFN-γ cells produce SEAP in response to IFN-γ stimulation only. They are unresponsive to type I IFNs.

Levels of SEAP in the supernatant can be easily determined with QUANTI-Blue™.

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SEAP Responses of HEK-Blue™ IFN-γ cells


Antibiotic resistance: blasticidin, Zeocin™

Growth medium: DMEM medium, 2mM L-glutamine,10% FBS supplemented with 100 µg/ml Normocin™, 30 µg/ml blasticidin and 100 µg/ml Zeocin™

Guaranteed mycoplasma-free

Shipped on dry ice

• Detection range for human IFN-γ: 5 - 100 IU/ml


1 vial containing 3-7 x 106 cells

100 μl blasticidin (10 mg/ml)

100 μl Zeocin™ (100 mg/ml)

1 ml Normocin™ (50 mg/ml)

1 pouch of QUANTI-Blue™ (SEAP detection medium)


HEK-Blue™ IFN-γ cells were generated by stable transfection of HEK293 cells with the human STAT1 gene to obtain a fully active STAT1 pathway. The other genes of the pathway are naturally expressed in sufficient amounts.

The cells were further transfected with a SEAP reporter gene under the control of an ISG54 promoter fused to four interferon-gamma-activated sites (GAS).
HEK-Blue™ IFN-γ cells produce SEAP in response to IFN-γ stimulation only. They are unresponsive to type I IFNs.


JAK-STAT pathway induced by IFN-gammaIFN-γ exerts its action by first binding to a heterodimeric receptor consisting of two chains, IFNGR1 and IFNGR2, causing its dimerization and the activation of specific Janus family kinases (JAK1 and JAK2).
Two STAT1 molecules then associate with this ligand-activated receptor complex and are activated by phosphorylation.
Activated STAT1 form homodimers and are translocated to the nucleus where they bind interferon-gamma-activated sites (GAS) in the promoter of IFN-γ inducible genes.


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HEK-Blue™ IFN-γ cells

Description Human IFN-γ SEAP-reporter cells
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