Selection antibiotic: cell culture tested, sterile reagent

InvivoGen is the sole worldwide producer of Zeocin™, a popular and effective antibiotic for the selection of vectors bearing the Sh ble gene in a variety of cells types (bacteria, eukaryotic microorganisms, plant and animal cells).

Resistance to Zeocin™ is conferred by the Sh ble gene product, which inactivates Zeocin™ by binding to the antibiotic. Sh ble is a small gene, only 370bp in size, carried in a number of InvivoGen’s vectors.

Zeocin™ is a copper-chelated glycopeptide antibiotic produced by Streptomyces CL990. Zeocin™ causes cell death by intercalating into DNA and cleaving it. The action of Zeocin™ is effective on most aerobic cells.


Product concentration: 100 mg/ml in solution
Working concentration:
- 50-400 µg/ml in mammalian cells
- 25 µg/ml in bacteria
CAS number: 11006-33-0
controlled by HPLC >90%
Molecular weight:
Formula: C55H85O21N20S2Cu - HCl
Quality control
Zeocin™ in solution in HEPES buffer, pH 7.25, is filtered to sterility for customer convenience, and validated for cell-culture usage.
Activity controlled by microbiological assays


Zeocin™ is supplied as either a blue powder or a 100 mg/ml solution (100% active product) in HEPES buffer in 1 ml tubes or a 50 ml bottle:
- ant-zn-1: 10 x 1 ml at 100 mg/ml (1 g)
- ant-zn-5: 50 x 1 ml at 100 mg/ml (5 g)
- ant-zn-5b: 1 x 50 ml at 100 mg/ml (5 g)
- ant-zn-1p: 1 x 1 g tube (powder)
- ant-zn-5p: 1 x 5 g bottle (powder)

Zeocin™ is shipped at room temperature. Upon receipt it should be stored at 4°C or -20°C.



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Cat. Code ant-zn-1p
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