Normocin™ - Antimicrobial Reagent

Prevention Against Mycoplasma, Bacteria and Fungi

Normocin™ | Antimicrobial Reagent  | InvivoGen

Normocin™ is used as a "routine addition" to cell culture media to prevent mycoplasma, bacterial and fungal contaminations in small or large scale animal cell cultures. Normocin™ can be used in combination with Pen-Strep solutions to broaden the anti-bacterial spectrum.

Normocin™ is an innovative formulation developed by InvivoGen of three antibiotics active against mycoplasmas, bacteria and fungi. Normocin™ contains two compounds that act on mycoplasmas and both Gram+ and Gram - bacteria by blocking DNA and protein synthesis. The third compound eradicates yeasts and fungi by disrupting ionic exchange through the cell membrane.



Product concentration: 50 mg/ml

Active concentration not toxic for treated cell lines: 100 μg/ml

1 ml Normocin™ is enough to treat 500 ml medium

Shipped at room temperature


Normocin™ is provided as a cell culture tested, sterile filtered red solution at a concentration of 50 mg/ml in different formats: 

-  10 x 1 ml vial (500 mg)

-  1 x 20 ml bottle (1 g) 



Cat. Codeant-nr-1
Unit Size500 mg (10 x 1 ml)
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Cat. Codeant-nr-2
Unit Size1 g (1 x 20 ml)
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