pTRIOZ Collection

Antibody generation using pTRIOZ

Plasmids for high-yield production of recombinant human and murine IgG kappa mAbs

The pTRIOZ collection has been designed specifically for high-yield production of whole recombinant monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

Each pTRIOZ plasmid contains 3 cassettes:

  • Light chain cassette: containing a unique multiple cloning site (MCS) for the insertion of the variable light chain region of any given mAb
  • Heavy chain cassette: containing a unique multiple cloning site (MCS) for insertion of the variable heavy chain region of any given mAb
  • Antibiotic selection cassette: encoding the Sh Ble gene for Zeocin™ selection in both bacterial and mammalian cells

For successful mAb production, a precise expression ratio of the heavy to light chain is required. In the pTRIOZ plasmids this important ratio is under the control of the human ferritin heavy (FerH) and light (FerL) chain promoters, which natively drive the successful co-expression of the two ferritin subunits. They are in combination with unique enhancers to form composite promoter regions, ensuring optimal expression of both the heavy and light chains.

InvivoGen offers the 4 most popular human and murine IgG isotypes used in mAb production, optimized to ensure maximum production. All pTRIOZ express the constant kappa light chain region, either human or murine.

pTRIOZ is utilized in-house to produce InvivoGen’s expanding mAb collection.

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