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Reagents for the PlasmoTest™ detection kit
500 samples

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PlasmoTest™  provides a simple, rapid and reliable assay for the visual detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures.

Buy the PlasmoTest™ kit once then reorder only the reagents to perform further assays.

PlasmoTest™ Reagent Kit allows to test 500 samples.

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This product is available in one pack width :

  • HEK-Blue™ Selection (8 x 1 ml)
  • Normocin™ (4 x 1 ml)
  • HEK-Blue™ Detection (2 pouches)
  • HEK-Blue™ Water (2 x 60 ml)
  • Positive Control (1 vial)
  • Negative Control (1 vial)


PlasmoTest™ Reagent Kit is shipped at room temperature.

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