R848 (Resiquimod)

R848 (Resiquimod) is an imidazoquinoline compound with potent anti-viral activity. This low molecular weight synthetic molecule activates immune cells via the TLR7/TLR8 MyD88-dependent signaling pathway [1, 2].
Recently, R848 was shown to trigger NF-κB activation in cells expressing murine TLR8 when combined with poly(dT) [3].

Unlike other commercially available R848 preparations, InvivoGen's R848 is water soluble, validated for TLR7/8 potency and tested to ensure the absence of TLR2 or TLR4 contamination.


Specificity: TLR7 and TLR8
Working Concentration:
10 ng - 10 μg/ml
CAS number:
144875-48-9 (free base)
1 mg/ml in water
C17H22N4O2 • HCl
Molecular weight:


• R848 (Resiquimod) is provided lyophilized and is available in two quantities:
- 500 µg: tlrl-r848
- 5 mg: tlrl-r848-5

• sterile endotoxin-free water; 2 ml with #cat. code tlrl-r848 and 10 ml with #cat. code tlrl-r848-5

R848 is shipped at room temperature.  Store lyophilized product at 4°C or -20°C.


1. Hemmi H. et al., 2002. Small anti-viral compounds activate immune cells via the TLR7 MyD88-dependent signaling pathway. Nat Immunol, 3(2):196-200.
2. Jurk M. et al. 2002. Human TLR7 or TLR8 independently confer responsiveness to the antiviral compound R848. Nat Immunol, 3(6):499.
3. Gorden KKB. et al., 2006. Cutting Edge: Activation of Murine TLR8 by a Combination of Imidazoquinoline Immune Response Modifiers and PolyT Oligodeoxynucleotides J. Immunol., 177: 6584 - 6587.


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R848 (Resiquimod)

Description Imidazoquinoline compound
Cat. Codetlrl-r848
Unit Size500 µg
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R848 (Resiquimod)

Description Imidazoquinoline compound
Cat. Codetlrl-r848-5
Unit Size5 mg
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