Jurkat-Dual™ cells

Jurkat-Dual™ cells were derived from the human T lymphocyte-based Jurkat cell line by stable integration of two inducible reporter constructs.
As a result, Jurkat-Dual™ cells allow the simultaneous study of the NF-κB pathway, by monitoring the activity of a secreted luciferase (Lucia), and the IRF pathway, by assessing the activity of SEAP.
Both reporter proteins are readily measurable in the cell culture supernatant when using QUANTI-Luc™, a luciferase detection reagent, and QUANTI-Blue™, a SEAP detection reagent.

Jurkat-Dual™ cells are resistant to the selectable markers Zeocin™ and blasticidin.

Jurkat-Dual™ cells induce the activation of NF-κB in response to TNF-α and T-lymphocyte mitogens, such as phytohemagglutinin and concanavalin A. They trigger the IRF pathway upon stimulation with type I IFNs and poly(I:C).


Antibiotic resistance: Zeocin™blasticidin

Guaranteed mycoplasma-free

Shipped on dry ice

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• 1 vial of Jurkat-Dual™ cells (3-7 x 106 cells) in Freezing Medium
• 1 ml Normocin™ (50 mg/ml). Normocin™ is a formulation of three antibiotics active against mycoplasmas, bacteria and fungi
• 100 μl Zeocin™ (100 mg/ml)
• 100 μl Blasticidin (10 mg/ml)
• 1 pouch of QUANTI-Luc™
• 1 pouch of QUANTI-Blue™

IMPORTANT: Cells are shipped frozen. If cells are not frozen upon arrival, contact InvivoGen immediately.


Jurkat-Dual™ cells feature the Lucia luciferase gene, a secreted luciferase reporter gene, driven by an IFN-β minimal promoter fused to five copies of the NF-κB consensus transcriptional response element and three copies of the c-Rel binding site.

Jurkat-Dual™ cells also express a secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) reporter gene under the control of an ISG54 minimal promoter in conjunction with five IFN-stimulated response elements.

As a result, Jurkat-Dual™ cells allow the simultaneous study of the NF-κB pathway, by monitoring the activity of Lucia luciferase, and the IRF pathway, by assessing the activity of SEAP.


NF-kB/IRF dual response of Jurkat-Dual cells

NF-κB/IRF dual response of Jurkat-Dual™ cells
Cells were incubated with 50 μg/ml phytohemagglutinin (PHA), 50 μg/ml concanavalin A (Con A), 104 EU/ml IFN-α, 200 ng/ml TNF-α or 10 μg/ml poly(I:C).
After 24h incubation, the levels of NF-κB-induced Lucia luciferase and IRF-induced SEAP were assessed from the cell culture supernatant using QUANTI-Luc™ or QUANTI-Blue™, respectively.


Jurkat-Dual™ cells

Description Human T lymphocytes - NF-kB/IRF reporter cells
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