pBOOST2 saIRF7/3

Th1 and Th2 responses

pBOOST2 saIRF7/3 plasmids express a human or murine super-activated IRF7/3 chimeric gene.

IRF-3 and IRF-7 increase both Th1 T-cell and Th2 antibody responses by transactivating different target promoters [1]. To exploit the biological features of both IRFs, a chimeric form of IRF-7 and IRF-3 was generated by combining the DNA binding specificity of IRF-7 with the strong transactivation capacity of super-activated IRF-3. IRF-7/3 chimera
provides >10-fold greater induction of IFN-α and IFN-β promoters than super-activated IRF-3 alone [2].

pBOOST2-saIRF3 plasmids express the transgene under the control of the strong and ubiquitous EF-1α/HTLV composite promoter and are selectable in E. coli with Zeocin™.


Gene: super-activated chimeric IRF-7 / IRF-3 gene
Human or Murine
Selection: Zeocin

Th1 and Th2 responses


- 20 µg of lyophilized DNA
- 4 pouches of E. coli Fast-Media® Zeo (2 TB and 2 Agar)

Product is shipped at room temperature. Store at -20°C. Plasmids are stable up to one year when properly stored.


pBOOST2 map


1. Sasaki S. et al., 2002. Regulation of DNA-raised immune responses by cotransfected interferon regulatory factors. J Virol.76(13):6652-9.
2. Bramson JL. et al., 2003. Super-activated interferon-regulatory factors can enhance plasmid immunization. Vaccine. 21(13-14):1363-70.



Description pBOOST2 Human Chimeric IRF7/3
Cat. Codepbst2-sahirf73
Unit Size20 µg
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Description pBOOST2 Murine Chimeric IRF7/3
Cat. Codepbst2-samirf73
Unit Size20 µg
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