HEK293-derived cells

HEK293-derived cells

Engineered HEK293 cells that constitutively express a given functional PRR gene are valuable tools for many applications, such as the study of the mechanisms involved in TLR recognition or signaling, and the development of new potential therapeutic drugs.

InvivoGen provides HEK293 cells stably expressing PRR or cytokine genes specifically designed for monitoring the activity of these genes using ELISA analysis, NF-κB-inducible SEAP (secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase) or IFN-inducible Lucia luciferase reporter systems.

HEK293-derived cells

Reporter cells

HEK CLR Reporter CellsCLR SEAP Reporter HEK 293
HEK NOD Reporter CellsNOD SEAP Reporter HEK 293
HEK RLR Reporter CellsNEWRLR Lucia Reporter HEK 293
HEK STING Reporter CellsNEWSTING SEAP Reporter 293T
HEK TLR Reporter CellsTLR SEAP Reporter HEK 293
HEK Cytokine Reporter CellsCytokines Reporter HEK 293
HEK NF-κB Reporter CellsNF-kB SEAP Reporter HEK 293 - parental cell lines

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Expressing cells

293/TLR cellsHEK 293 cells expressing one or two TLR and/or TLR-related genes
293/TLR-HA cellsHEK 293 cells expressing one HA-tagged TLR gene
293/NOD cellsHEK 293 cells expressing one NLR gene
293/Control cellsHEK 293 Control cells
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