Coding sequence in expression plasmid

Alias: A20, OTUD7C

Tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced protein 3

The zinc finger protein A20, also called tumor necrosis factor, alpha-induced protein 3 (TNFAIP3), is a TNF- and IL-1-inducible protein that negatively regulates NF-kB-dependent gene expression. A20 is encoded by an immediate early response gene whose expression is induced by different inflammatory stimuli. A20 inhibits NF-kB activation induced by the TLR2 ligand PGN or the TLR4 ligand LPS[1,2], as well as IFN-beta transcription triggered by the TLR3 ligand ds RNA[3], the inhibition taking place at the level of TRAF6[4]. Thus A20 acts as a negative regulator of TLR-mediated inflammatory responses, thereby protecting the host against harmful overresponses to pathogens.

This gene is available in pUNO1 expression plasmid selectable with Blasticidin.



   Genbank: NM_001270508.1
   ORF Size: 2373 bp
   Subclone: AgeI - NheI


   ORF Size: 2328 bp
   Subclone: NcoI - NheI


- 20 µg of lyophilized DNA.
- 4 pouches of E. coli Fast-Media® Blas (2 TB and 2 Agar)
- 1 ml blasticidin at 10 mg/ml


1. O'Reilly SM. & Moynagh PN., 2003. Regulation of Toll-like receptor 4 signalling by A20 zinc finger protein. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 303(2):586-93.
2. Gon Y. et al., 2004. A20 inhibits toll-like receptor 2- and 4-mediated interleukin-8 synthesis in airway epithelial cells. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 31(3):330-6.
3. Wang YY, A20 is a potent inhibitor of TLR3- and Sendai virus-induced activation of NF-kappaB and ISRE and IFN-beta promoter. FEBS Lett. 2004 Oct 8;576(1-2):86-90.
4. Heyninck K. & Beyaert R. 1999. The cytokine-inducible zinc finger protein A20 inhibits IL-1-induced NF-kappaB activation at the level of TRAF6. FEBS Lett. 442(2-3):147-50.


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Description pUNO1 bearing the human TNFAIP3 gene
Cat. Codepuno1-htnfaip3
Unit Size20 µg
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Description pUNO1 bearing the mouse TNFAIP3 gene
Cat. Codepuno1-mtnfaip3
Unit Size20 µg
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