MurNAc-L-Ala-γ-D-Glu-mDAP (M-TriDAP), also called DAP-containing muramyl tripeptide is a peptidoglycan (PGN) degradation product found mostly in Gram-negative bacteria. M-TriDAP is recognized by the intracellular sensor NOD1 (CARD4) and to a lesser extend NOD2 (CARD15). Recognition of M-TriDAP by NOD1/NOD2 induces a signaling cascade involving the serine/threonine RIP2 (RICK, CARDIAK) kinase which interacts with IKK leading to the activation of NF-κB and the production of inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-α and IL-6 [1]. M-TriDAP induces the activation of NF-κB at similar levels to Tri-DAP [2].

M-TriDAP provided by InvivoGen is chemically synthesized and tested using HEK-Blue™ NOD1 and HEK-Blue™ NOD2 Cells.
Note: M-TriDAP is a mixture of MurNAc-L-Ala-γ-D-Glu-D- mDAP and MurNAc-L-Ala-γ-D-Glu-L-mDAP


Specificity: NOD1/NOD2 agonist
Working Concentration:
100 ng - 10 µg/ml
Molecular weight: 665.64
Synonym: N-acetyl-muramyl-L-Ala-γ-D-Glu-meso- diaminopimelic acid


• 1 mg M-TriDAP
• 1.5 ml endotoxin-free water

M-TriDAP is provided as a lyophilized powder and shipped at room temperature. Store at -20°C.


1. Park JH. et al., 2007. RICK/RIP2 mediates innate immune responses induced through Nod1 and Nod2 but not TLRs. J Immunol. 178(4):2380-6.
2. Girardin SE. et al., 2003. Peptidoglycan molecular requirements allowing detection by Nod1 and Nod2. J Biol Chem. 278(43):41702-8.


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