Reporter Cell Lines

Reporter Cell Lines

InvivoGen provides a large choice of reporter cell lines designed to provide a simple, rapid and reliable method to monitor the activation of intracellular signaling pathways induced by microbial molecules or cytokines.

These engineered cell lines stably express inducible SEAP and/or Lucia luciferase reporter gene.  Exposure to a stimulus induces the pathway modulating reporter activity that  can be readily assessed qualitatively and quantitatively.

Both reporter proteins are readily measurable in the cell culture supernatant when using  HEK-Blue™ Detection or QUANTI-Blue™, SEAP detection reagents, or QUANTI-Luc™, a luciferase detection reagent.

Families of reporter cells

• Transcription factor reporter cells allow the study of the NF-κB and/or IRF pathways

• PRR Reporter cells comprise TLR reporter cells, NOD reporter cells, RLR reporter cells, CLR reporter cells, CDS reporter cells, STING reporter cells and inflammasome reporter cells

• Cytokine reporter cells include HEK-Blue™ cytokine reporter cells


Reporter Cell Lines

B16 melanomaMurine B16 melanoma - PRR and cytokine reporter cells
A549 lung carcinomaHuman NF-κB-SEAP & IRF-Luc Reporter lung carcinoma
HCT116 colon carcinomaHuman NF-κB-SEAP & IRF-Luc Reporter colorectal carcinoma
HEK293-derived cellsEngineered human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells - PRR or cytokine reporter cells
HeLa-Difluo™ hLC3 cellsAutophagy Reporter Cells
HepG2-Dual™ cellsNEWNF-κB-SEAP & IRF-Lucia reporter liver carcinoma cells
J774.1 macrophagesMurine NF-κB & IRF Reporter macrophage-like cells
Jurkat T lymphocytesHuman T lymphocytes
MEF cellsMurine embryonic fibroblasts from C3H or C57BL/6 - PRR reporter
Ramos B lymphocytesHuman B lymphocytes - PRR reporter cells
RAW 264.7 macrophagesMurine RAW 264.7 macrophages - PRR or cytokine reporter cells
THP-1 monocytesHuman THP-1 monocytes - PRR reporter cells
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