A549 lung carcinoma

A549-Dual™ cells are adherent epithelial cells that have been derived from the human A549 lung carcinoma cell line by stable integration of two inducible reporter constructs. The A549 cell line is a well-characterized cellular model for asthma, allergies and respiratory infections.

A549-Dual™ cells express a secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) reporter gene under the control of the IFN-β minimal promoter fused to five NF-κB binding sites.

A549-Dual™ cells also express the Lucia luciferase gene, which encodes a secreted luciferase, under the control of an ISG54 minimal promoter in conjunction with five IFN-stimulated response elements.

As a result, A549-Dual™ cells allow to simultaneously study the NF-κB pathway, by assessing the activity of SEAP, and the interferon regulatory factor (IRF) pathway, by monitoring the activity of Lucia luciferase.  Both reporter proteins are readily measurable in the cell culture supernatant when using QUANTI-Blue™, a SEAP detection reagent, and QUANTI-Luc™, a Lucia luciferase detection reagent.

A549-Dual™ CellsHuman NF-κB-SEAP & IRF-Luc Reporter lung carcinoma3-7 x 10e6 cells
A549-Dual™ KO-MAVS cells NEWMAVS knockout NF-kB-SEAP & IRF-Lucia Reporter Cell Line3-7 x 10e6 cells
A549-Dual™ KO-MDA5 cellsMDA-5 knockout NF-kB-SEAP & IRF-Lucia Reporter Cell Line3-7 x 10e6 cells
A549-Dual™ KO-RIG-I CellsRIG-I knockout NF-kB-SEAP & IRF-Lucia Reporter Cell Line3-7 x 10e6 cells
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