Genes & Promoters

InvivoGen provides an expanding collection of human and murine genes cloned in an expression plasmid.
All the genes are provided as open reading frames (ORFs) from the ATG to the Stop codon and are fully sequenced. They are flanked by unique restriction sites to facilitate their subcloning into another vector.

A wide selection of cellular promoters of human and rodent origins is available in the expression plasmid pDRIVE. These promoters are either native and consist of a single fragment from the 5' region of a given gene, or composite and results from the assembly of different promoter elements. Furthermore, the promoters direct ubiquitous or specific expression.

With more than 20 years of experience in cloning, we also offer custom cloning services at very competitive rates and short turn-around time.

Disclaimer: Our products are provided for research purpose only. Commercial applications may require licensing from third parties.
Note that the sequence of available ORFs provided by InvivoGen can differ from a given reference Genbank record due to genetic variations and/or alternative splicing. Customers should verify that the version of a gene sold by InvivoGen is suitable for the customer needs.
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