Scramble siRNA

This tool generates a negative control for siRNA :
It accepts a short DNA sequence, and returns a scrambled sequence.
The scrambled sequence will have the same nucleotide composition as the input sequence and it will have passed siRNA filtering for the standard search (see Selection Criteria for more details).
Moreover, it will have no match with any mRNA of the selected organism database, and no known miRNA SEED recognition sequence.


1. Enter the siRNA hairpin name for reference (optional)
2. Enter the sense siRNA target sequence. (Spaces in the sequence will be ignored)
3. Choose the database corresponding to the target gene.

5' 3'

Selective Antibiotics

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to produce large quantities of high quality, endotoxin-free antibiotics with purity levels exceeding 95%.

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MycoStrip™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit

MycoStrip™ is a simple and rapid test based on isothermal PCR. The results are clearly visualized as a band on an immunochromatic strip.

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InvivoGen provides a set of cutting-edge tools to knockdown efficiently the expression of mammalian genes. These tools include the siRNA wizard software, shRNA cloning vectors and vectors expressing validated shRNAs, and systems for the prevalidation of siRNA/shRNAs or the detection of interferon response.

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