Selection of siRNA/shRNA targets

InvivoGen's siRNA Wizard™ is a software designed to help you select siRNA/shRNA sequences targeting your gene(s) of interest. This program selects siRNA/shRNA sequences that match criteria suggested by studies of RNA interference and which will have the best expression rate in psiRNA vectors.

siRNA Wizard™ is composed of 3 parts:

Find siRNA/shRNA sequence :

Two types of searches can be performed to find siRNA/shRNA sequences:
Standard search utilizes a default set of criteria to analyze your gene of interest and provide the best sequences to silence gene expression.
Advanced search lets you manually set the criteria for selecting the sequences against your target gene.

Design hairpin insert :

Using your selected siRNA/shRNA sequence, this tool will design two complementary oligonucleotides forming the insert needed to complete InvivoGen's psiRNA vector.
Start Design hairpin insert

Scramble siRNA/shRNA :

Generate a negative control for siRNA/shRNA. This tool will returns a scrambled sequence with the same nucleotide composition as your siRNA/shRNA input sequence.
Start Scramble siRNA/shRNA

More Information :

For more information and use criterias you can see our siRNA Selection criteria section, or check out the siRNA design Guidelines

You can also read our siRNA/shRNA review on invivoGen website

Selective Antibiotics

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to produce large quantities of high quality, endotoxin-free antibiotics with purity levels exceeding 95%.

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MycoStrip™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit

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The heart of InvivoGen's culture and commitment is to provide life scientists with quality and reliable reagents. Our strength in innovation comes from our expert scientific team that fosters the discovery and design of new tools and services to encourage cutting-edge bioresearch. As specialists in innate immunology, InvivoGen is a global leader of resources for the next breakthroughs in the field.

InvivoGen provides a set of cutting-edge tools to knockdown efficiently the expression of mammalian genes. These tools include the siRNA wizard software, shRNA cloning vectors and vectors expressing validated shRNAs, and systems for the prevalidation of siRNA/shRNAs or the detection of interferon response.

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