Selection of siRNA/shRNA targets

InvivoGen's siRNA Wizard™ is a software designed to help you select siRNA/shRNA sequences targeting your gene(s) of interest. This program selects siRNA/shRNA sequences that match criteria suggested by studies of RNA interference and which will have the best expression rate in psiRNA vectors.

siRNA Wizard™ is composed of 3 parts:

• Find siRNA/shRNA sequence

Two types of searches can be performed to find siRNA/shRNA sequences:
  • "Standard search" utilizes a default set of criteria to analyze your gene of interest and provide the best sequences to silence gene expression.
  • "Advanced search" lets you manually set the criteria for selecting the sequences against your target gene.

Design hairpin insert

Using your selected siRNA/shRNA sequence, this tool will design two complementary oligonucleotides forming the insert needed to complete InvivoGen's psiRNA vector.

Scramble siRNA/shRNA

Generate a negative control for siRNA/shRNA. This tool will returns a scrambled sequence with the same nucleotide composition as your siRNA/shRNA input sequence.

More informations on siRNA/shRNA.

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