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TGF-β receptor inhibitor
5 mg

Reprogramming Enhancer - TGF-β receptor inhibitor

SB431542 is a potent and selective inhibitor of transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) superfamily type I activin receptor-like kinase (ALK) receptors, specifically ALK4, ALK5 and ALK7 [1].

Inhibition of TGF-β signaling is known to induce the de-repression of epithelial fate and thus was hypothesized to benefit the reprogramming process.

Indeed, treatment of OSKM-transduced human primary fibroblasts with a combination of SB431542 and PD0325901, a MEK inhibitor, was found to improve reprogramming efficiency of human cells [2].



1. Inman GJ. et al., 2002. SB-431542 is a potent and specific inhibitor of transforming growth factor-beta superfamily type I activin receptor-like kinase (ALK) receptors ALK4, ALK5, and ALK7. Mol Pharmacol. 2002 Jul;62(1):65-74.
2. Lin T. et al., 2009. A chemical platform for improved induction of human iPSCs. Nat Methods. 6(11):805-8.

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Working concentration: 2 µM

Purity: >99% (HPLC)

CAS number: 301836-41-9

Molecular weight: 384.39

Solubility: approx. 20 mg/ml in DMSO or DMF. Approx. 2 mg/ml in ethanol

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SB431542 is provided as a crystalline solid.

  • 5 mg SB431542

SB431542 is shipped at roomn temperature.

Store at -20 ̊C.

Solid product is stable 1 year at -20°C.

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SB431542 chemical properties

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