Poly(dA:dT) / LyoVec™

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dsDNA naked - complexed with transfection reagent
100 µg

Synthetic analog of B-DNA complexed with transfection reagent

Poly(dA:dT) is a poly(deoxyadenylic-deoxythymidylic) acid sodium salt. It is a repetitive synthetic double-stranded DNA sequence of poly(dA-dT)•poly(dT-dA) and a synthetic analog of B-DNA. Poly(dA:dT) is recognized by several sensors, including DAI, LRRFIP1 and AIM2. Poly(dA:dT) is also indirectly detected by RIG-I. The activity of poly(dA:dT) is tested using the reporter cell line B16-Blue™ IFNα/β.

Poly(dA:dT) is complexed with the cationic lipid transfection reagent LyoVec™ to facilitate its uptake.

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Activity: RIG-I & CDS agonist, AIM2 inflammasome inducer

Formulation: Complexed with the transfection reagent LyoVec™

CAS number: 86828-69-5

Solubility: 2 mg/ml in physiological water

Endotoxin level: EndoFit™ (<0.001 EU/µg)

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- 4 x 25 μg lyophilized poly(dA:dT)/LyoVec™
Note: Each vial contains 25 μg of poly(dA-dT)•poly(dT-dA) complexed with 50 μg LyoVec.
- 10 ml sterile endotoxin-free water

Poly(dA:dT)/LyoVec™ is provided lyophilized and shipped at room temperature. Store lyophilized product at -20˚C for up to 12 months .

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