ORN Sa19

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TLR13 Agonist - 23S rRNA derived oligoribonucleotide
200 µg

ORN Sa19 is a 19 mer S. aureus 23S rRNA derived oligoribonucleotide, ORN Sa19, which contains an A in its center to mirror S. aureus A2085, is highly stimulatory in TLR13-expressing cells in contrast to ORN Sa19 Control, which carries a G in place of the central A.

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Specificity: murine TLR13 agonist

Working concentration: 0.02-2 μg/ml

ORN Sa19 sequence:

ORN Sa19 is a 19 mer S. aureus 23S rRNA derived oligoribonucleotide, stabilized by phosphorothioate modification.

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ORN Sa19 is provided lyophilized :

  • 200 μg lyophilized ORN Sa19.
  • 2 ml endotoxin-free water.

ORN Sa19 is shipped at room temperature.

Upon receipt it should be stored at -20°C.

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Toll-like receptor 13 is an endosomal murine TLR which role and ligand remain unclear.

Three independent teams have identified bacterial single-stranded RNA as a TLR13 ligand [1, 2, 3].

More precisely, a conserved 23S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) sequence, “CGGAAAGACC”, was shown to induce cytokine production in a TLR13-, MyD88 and UNC93B-dependent manner.

Interestingly, this rRNA sequence is the binding site of the macrolide-lincosamide-streptogramin (MLS) group of antibiotics, and 23S rRNA from bacteria resistant to these antibiotics is not recognized by TLR13 [1].

Further, these data reveal a mechanism developed by bacteria to evade host innate immune system through acquisition of antibiotic resistance.


1. Oldenburg M. et al., 2012. TLR13 recognizes bacterial 23S rRNA devoid of erythromycin resistance-forming modification. Science. 337(6098).
2. Hidmark A. et al., 2012. Cutting edge: TLR13 is a receptor for bacterial RNA. J Immunol. 189(6):2717-21.
3. Li XD & Chen ZJ. 2012. Sequence specific detection of bacterial 23S ribosomal RNA by TLR13. elife. 1:e00102.

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