Life Science Exhibits Shows 2020


Come and meet us at the Life Science Exhibits Shows. All the dates for 2020 are listed below.





January 22

University of Florida, Gainesville

January 23

University of South Florida | Moffitt Cancer Center

February 5 Duke University
February 6 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
February 11 UC Los Angeles
April 15 Case Western Reserve University
April 16 Cleveland Clinic Foundation
June 3 UC San Francisco - Mission Bay
June 4 UC Berkeley
July 1 University of Virginia
July 2 Johns Hopkins University
July 8 University of Wisconsin, Madison
July 9 Northwestern University, Chicago
July 14 USC, Health Sciences
July 15 UC Irvine
July 16 UC San Diego
July 22 Weill Cornell Medicine | Rockefeller University | MSKCC
July 23 NYU School of Medicine | Langone Health
September 9 National Institute of Health, Bethesda
September 30 Longwood Medical Center | Dana Farber Cancer Institute
October 1 Biogen | MIT | Novartis | Whitehead Institute
October 14 University of Pennsylvania
October 15 Rutgers University
October 28 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
October 29 University of Washington, Seattle
November 4 Texas A&M University
November 5 Texas Medical Center
November 10 University of Miami
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