Fast-Media® Zeo TB

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Liquid TB selection medium - Zeocin
20 pouches

Please note: This product will be discontinued in January 2021.

Microwaveable media for selection of E. coli transformants

Fast-Media® Zeo TB formulation is a Terrific Broth based liquid medium supplemented with Zeocin.

It is used for high cell density culture of transformed bacteria, and extraction of high quantity and quality of required plasmid.

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1 pouch = 200 ml TB liquid medium

Selective Antibiotic: Zeocin

Stability: 48h at 37°C or 4 weeks ar 4°C

Sterility guaranteed

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  • 20 pouches (1 pouch allows to prepare 200 ml liquid medium)

Fast-Media® Zeo TB are shipped at room temperature.

Fast-Media® Zeo TB must be stored in a dry and cool place.

They are stable for 2 years at room temperature.

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