The Hassle-free Way to Prepare E. coli Selection Media

E. coli Fast-Media® are microwaveable ready-to-use solid or liquid media, supplied with a selective antibiotic, and chromogenic substrates, therefore designed for the growth or selection of E. coli transformant colonies, as well as detection of blue/white colonies.

All you need to make liquid or solid selective E. coli medium are 5 minutes, a microwave and Fast-Media®.

This time-saving product, developed by InvivoGen, comes in individually sealed pouches, each with enough reagents to prepare 200 ml of sterile liquid or agar medium at the appropriate antibiotic concentration.

Fast-Media® is extensively tested to guarantee sterility, antibiotic activity and E. coli growth.

We subject every ready to-use Fast-Media® pouch to rigorous quality control to ensure consistent results.

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