Cytokine ELISA kits

LumiKine is InvivoGen’s new immunoassay for rapid, sensitive and specific detection of cytokines.

By replacing the absorbance-based enzymatic detection reaction of a standard ELISA with its lightning-fast Lucia luciferase/QUANTI-Luc bioluminescence detection system, InvivoGen has created an assay that can save you precious time in the laboratory.

Unlike many ELISA kits, which are based on E. coli-produced cytokines, LumiKine™ has been designed using cytokines produced in mammalian cells, for accurate detection of species-specific mammalian cytokines.

LumiKine kits are currently available for human and mouse type I interferons. They allow you to detect the cytokine in a broad concentration range that makes quantification and calibration curves a snap.

  • Rapid - Optimized to reduce assay time - With LumiKine Xpress kits, save at least 1 hour compared to standard ELISAs
  • Specific - Antibodies raised against natural cytokines by DNA immunization
  • Precise - Wide concentration range
  • Economical - Each kit contains enough reagents to run five ELISA plates

LumiKine Xpress kits

Three step bioluminescent ELISA kits - Even faster!

LumiKine™ Xpress kits are bioluminescent ELISA kits that enable even faster detection of the cytokines than do the LumiKine™ kits.
The Lucia luciferase enzyme is directly fused to the detection antibody, eliminating the biotinylated antibody-streptavidin conjugate incubation step.

LumiKine kits

Four step bioluminescent ELISA kits

LumiKine™ kits are bioluminescent ELISA kits designed to quantify the levels of human or mouse cytokines in cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma samples.
They include a capture antibody, a biotinylated secondary antibody and a streptavidin-Lucia conjugate for detection.
The streptavidin-Lucia conjugate can be replaced by the streptavidin conjugate of your choice.

[ Lumikine™ kits are being optimized for a new release in 2019 ]

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