ChemiComp GT116

ChemiComp GT116 Unit size Cat. code Docs Price
Competent E. coli GT116 - Frozen
5 X 0.1 ml
5 X 0.2 ml

Competent E. coli GT116 - Frozen

ChemiComp GT116 cells are frozen E. coli chemically competent cells.

These cells are specifically designed for for cloning and propagation of shRNA-expressing plasmids which contain hairpin structures, such as psiRNA™ plasmids.

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Transformation efficiency: 0.1-1 x 109 cfu/µg

GT116 Genotype: F- mcrA ∆(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) φ80lacZ∆M15 ∆lacX74 nupG recA1 araD139 Δ(ara-leu)7697 galE15 galK16 rpsL(StrA) endA1 ∆dcm ∆sbcC-sbcD

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ChemiComp GT 116 are provided frozen and are available in two sizes;

  • GT16-11: 5 x 0.1 ml (5-10 transformations)
  • GT116-21: 5 x 0.2 ml (10-20 transformations)

Shipped on dry ice

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