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Geldanamycin Analog for Coupling of NH2-Containing Molecules
1 mg

GA analog for coupling of NH2-containing molecules

17-NHS-ALA-GA is an NHS (N-hydroxysuccinimide) activated geldanamycin analog designed for easy coupling of NH2-containing molecules.

NHS coupling forms a chemically stable amide bond with ligands containing primary amino groups such as small proteins and peptides.

Thus, 17-NHS-ALA-GA can be used for conjugation of GA to a monoclonal antibody similarly to 17-GMB-APAGA[1,2].

It can also be used to perform affinity chromatography to purify GA binding proteins such as Hsp90.



1. Mandler R. et al., 2002. Modifications in synthesis strategy improve the yield and efficacy of geldanamycin-herceptin immunoconjugates. Bioconjug Chem. 13(4):786-91.
2. Mandler R et al. 2000. Immunoconjugates of Geldanamycin and Anti-HER2 Monoclonal Antibodies.

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Formula: C44H84N4O12

Molecular weight: 841

Solubility: DMSO (10 mg/ml)

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  • 1 mg

room temperature 17-NHS-ALA-GA is shipped at room temperature.

store Store lyophilized product at -20°C.

Alert Protect from light.

stable Lyophilized productis stable for 6 months when stored properly.

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