mTOR inhibitor

Temsirolimus is a derivative and prodrug of rapamycin (also known as sirolimus). Temsirolimus specifically inhibits the serine/threonine protein kinase mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin), an enzyme implicated in multiple intracellular signaling pathways that regulate cell proliferation and survival [1, 2]. To inhibit mTOR signaling, Temsirolimus interacts with the cytosolic FK506-binding protein 12 (FKBP12) to form a complex which binds the mTOR Complex 1. Through its effects on mTOR, Temsirolimus can inhibit cell proliferation and induce apoptosis, in addition to the inhibiton of angiogenesis in cancer models [3, 4].


Solubility: 50 mg/ml (48.5 mM) in DMSO
Synonym: Temsirolimus, CCI-779
CAS number: 162635-04-3
Formula: C56H87NO16
Molecular weight: 1030.3


10 mg Temsirolimus

Temsirolimus is provided lyophilized and shipped at room temperature.
Store at -20 °C.


1. Dudkin L. et al., 2001. Biochemical correlates of mTOR inhibition by the rapamycin ester CCI-779 and tumor growth inhibition. Clin. Cancer Res. 7, 1758-64.
2. Yu K. et al., 2001. mTOR, a novel target in breast cancer: The effect of CCI-779, an mTOR inhibitor, in preclinical models of breast cancer. Endocr. Relat. Cancer 8(3), 249-258.
3. Li S. et al. 2013. The novel mTOR inhibitor CCI-779 (temsirolimus) induces antiproliferative effects through inhibition of mTOR in Bel-7402 liver cancer cells. Cancer Cell Int. 13(1).
4. Frost P. et al., 2004. In vivo antitumor effects of the mTOR inhibitor CCI-779 against human multiple myeloma cells in a xenograft model. Blood. 104(13):4181-7.



Description mTOR inhibitor
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