PRR Signaling Inhibitors

Pepinh-MYDTLR signaling inhibitor - MyD88 inhibitory peptide2 mg
Pepinh-TRIFTLR signaling inhibitor - TRIF inhibitory peptide2 mg

Anti-microbial Peptides

LL-37LL-37: Antimicrobial peptide1 mg

Caspases Inhibitors

Ac-YVAD-cmkCaspase-1 inhibitor5 mg
Z-VAD-FMKPan-caspase inhibitor - NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitor1 mg


OVA peptidesTwo OVA peptide standards for ELISPOT OVA 257-264 (1 mg)
OVA 323-339 (1 mg)

PRR Ligands

MDPNOD2 Agonist - Muramyldipeptide (L isoform)5 mg
L18-MDPNOD2 Agonist - Muramyldipeptide with a C18 fatty acid chain1 mg
N-Glycolyl-MDPNOD2 Agonist - N-glycolylated muramyldipeptide5 mg
MurabutideNOD2 Agonist - Synthetic derivative of muramyldipeptide5 mg
M-TriDAPNOD1/NOD2 Agonist - MurNAc-L-Ala-gamma-D-Glu-mDAP - PGN-like molecule1 mg
M-TriLYSNOD2 Agonist - Synthetic muramyl tripeptide1 mg
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