pCpGfree-siRNADUO is a plasmid, completely devoid of CpG dinucleotides. It allows to generate simultaneously two shRNAs for the silencing of either a single target gene (with/without polymorphisms) or two different target genes.


CpG-free plasmid backbone

Two RNA polymerase III cloning cassettes

Allows white and blue selection for each cassette

Selectable in E. coli with Zeocin™

Provided with the psiRNA™ tools:
• disk of lyophilized E. coli GT115
• Sequencing primers (OL359-OLSI3' and OL499-OL1012 pairs)
E. coli Fast-Media® Zeo XGal and E. coli Fast-Media® Zeo XGluc

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pCpGfree-siRNADUO plasmid is provided in a kit that includes the following components:

- 50 μg pCpGfree-siRNADUO plasmid
- 20 μg control pCpGfree-siRNA-LucLac plasmid
- 1 disk of lyophilized E. coli GT115 (genotype: F- mcrA Δ(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) Φ80lacZM15 ΔlacX74 recA1 endA1 Δdcm uidA::pir-116 ΔsbcC-sbcD)
- 2 sets of sequencing primers (2 x 10 μg each)
- 2 pouches of E. coli Fast-Media® Zeo X-Gal
- 2 pouches of E. coli Fast-Media® Zeo X-Gluc


CpG-free Plasmid Backbone
All the elements required for replication and selection of the plasmid in E. coli and gene expression in mammalian cells are completely devoid of CpG dinucleotides.

Two RNA Polymerase III Cloning Cassettes
Both RNA Pol III cassettes are driven by a CpG-free version of the human 7SK promoter. To increase the activity of these promoters, the enhancer from the mouse CMV immediate-early promoter has been added .
The first cassette contains the following key elements:
- mCMV enhancer / h7SK promoter
- LacZ α-peptide bacterial expression cassette
- Acc65 I / Hind III cloning sites
The second cassette contains the following key elements:
- h7SK promoter
- GUS bacterial expression cassette
- Bbs I / Bbs I cloning sites
Bbs I is an unusual restriction enzyme that generates asymmetric cohesive overhangs that are not compatible with each other to eliminate the risk of self-ligation of the vector.

White/Blue Selection
pCpGfree-siRNADUO exploits the white/blue selection system to facilitate the screening of recombinant clones. It features the LacZ α-peptide and GUS (uidA) reporter genes. GUS encodes β-Glucuronidase an E. coli enzyme capable of hydrolyzing the chromogenic substrate XGluc to generate a blue pigment. Therefore, similarly to LacZ, the expression of GUS in permissive E. coli allows the discrimination between blue parental clones and white recombinant clones.

pCpGfree-siRNADUO is provided with the E. coli GT115, a lacZ uidA mutant strain, enabling the white and blue color selection from the LacZ and GUS systems.


pCpGfree-siRNADUO backbone



Description Dual-cassette CpG-free plasmid for the production of siRNAs in vivo
Cat. Codekcpg-sirna2
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