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STING (STimulator of INterferon Genes) has become a focal point in immunology research as well as a target in drug discovery. As a signaling hub in innate immunity, STING is a pattern recognition receptor (PRR) of paramount importance in orchestrating the body’s response to pathogenic, tumor, or self DNA in the cytoplasm. InvivoGen offers a growing family of products to help you explore STING, its signaling partners, cytokine induction activity and therapeutic more


Inflammasomes : connecting innate and adaptive immunity

Fifteen years ago, the discovery of inflammasomes was a breakthrough in our comprehension of how inflammation is set off. Inflammasomes have since been shown to play key roles in various pathophysiologic conditions and therefore constitute a major target for drug development. This review focuses on the central function of inflammasomes between innate and adaptive more

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  • Winter 2017/2018 - The RIG-I and STING Alliance
  • Spring 2017 - Mitochondrial DNA in innate immunity and autophagy
  • Winter 2015/16 - Improving the efficacy of clinical antibodies
  • Winter 2014/15 - Inflammasome activation: a matter of caspases
  • Winter 2013/14 - Deciphering the STING Paradox
  • Fall 2013 - β-Glucans: bittersweet ligands of Dectin-1
  • Spring 2013 - Multi-TLR Agonists: Potential for Therapeutic Success
  • Fall 2012 - Cytosolic DNA Sensors (CDSs): a STING in the tail
  • Summer 2012 - Lucia™, a novel secreted luciferase
  • Winter 2011 - Mycoplasma Detection and Elimination
  • Summer 2011 - Antibody and Vaccine adjuvants
  • Fall 2010 - Cytosolic dsDNA Sensors (CDS)
  • November 2009 - NLRP3 Inflammasome
  • Sept/Oct 2008 - DAMPs & DAMP Receptors
  • June/July 2008 - Vaccine Adjuvants
  • January 2008 - Immunoglobulin A
  • October 2007 - TLR9 Ligands
  • May 2007 - Toll-Like Receptor 4
  • December 2006 - RNA Interference
  • September 2006 - TLR7 and TLR8
  • May 2006 - Fc Fusion: pFUSE-Fc
  • November 2005 - Mycoplasma
  • September 2005 - TLR Signaling and IRF Activation Pathways
  • June 2005 - TLR Ligands

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