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Latest Insight Newsletter - Winter 2013/14

InvivoGen Insight Winter 2013/14

- STING product Line

- Luciferase Assays

- TLR9 Ligands

- Endotoxin Detection

- Review: Deciphering the STING Paradox

STING (stimulator of interferon genes), alternatively known as MPYS, TMEM173, MITA and ERIS, is a key sensor of cytosolic nucleic acids. In the past year, an incredible amount has been revealed on the biology of STING. As the studies were published, the complexity of STING became apparent. STING, initially thought to serve solely as an adaptor protein for mediating signaling by cytosolic DNA sensors (CDS), was recently found to be a direct sensor of cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs)....

Winter 2013/14 - Deciphering the STING Paradox

Fall 2013 - β-Glucans: bittersweet ligands of Dectin-1

Spring 2013 - Multi-TLR Agonists: Potential for Therapeutic Success

Fall 2012 - Cytosolic DNA Sensors (CDSs): a STING in the tail

Summer 2012 - Lucia™, a novel secreted luciferase

Winter 2011 - Mycoplasma Detection and Elimination

Summer 2011 - Antibody and Vaccine adjuvants

Fall 2010 - Cytosolic dsDNA Sensors (CDS)

Spring 2010 - Lentiviral Vector Production

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