mTOR & Calcineurin Signaling Inhibitors

Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR), a serine/threonine kinase also known as FKBP12-rapamycin-associated protein (FRAP), is a master regulator of protein biosynthesis, cell growth and autophagy. mTOR is implicated in many disease states and is a target for the design of anticancer agents.
Calcineurin signaling is involved in the activation of T cells. Calcineurin is a Ca2+ and calmodulin dependent serine/threonine phosphatase that activates the NFAT transcription factor, which stimulates the T cell response through IL-2 expression.
InvivoGen provides inhibitors that block mTOR activation and signaling by Calcineurin.

Pathways of inhibition of mTOR and calcineurin activation

3-Methyladenine PI3K inhibitor - Autophagy Inhibitor 50 mg
A-769662 AMPK Activator (mTOR Inhibitor) 10 mg
BEZ235 NEW! PI3K/mTOR inhibitor 50 mg
Cyclosporin A Calcineurin inhibitor 100 mg
Everolimus mTOR inhibitor - Autophagy Inducer 5 mg
FK506 Calcineurin inhibitor 10 mg
LY294002 PI3K inhibitor - Autophagy Inhibitor 5 mg
Metformin AMPK activator - Autophagy inducer 1 g
OSU-03012 PDK1 Inhibitor 10 mg
Perifosine Akt inhibitor - Autophagy inducer 5 mg
PI-103 PI3K/mTOR inhibitor 5 mg
pp242 NEW! mTOR inhibitor 5 mg
Rapamycin mTOR inhibitor - TLR signaling inhibitor - Autophagy Inducer 5 mg
SB203580 MAP Kinase Inhibitor - p38 MAP Kinase Inhibitor - Autophagy inducer 5 mg
SB216763 GSK3 Inhibitor 5 mg
Tamoxifen Estrogen receptor antagonist - Autophagy inducer 200 mg
Temsirolimus mTOR inhibitor 10 mg
Torin 1 NEW! mTOR inhibitor 10 mg
Wortmannin PI3K inhibitor - Autophagy Inhibitor 5 mg
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