InvivoGen offers a wide selection of immunomodulators of the signaling pathways initiated by pattern recognition receptors (PRRs).

These molecules intervene in the different steps of PRR activation and signaling cascade, including ligand binding, interaction with adapters and activation of MAP kinases and NF-κB. Immunomodulators include a large variety of compounds.


Small molecules and peptides

Innate Immunity Signaling InhibitorsInnate Immunity Signaling Inhibitors
NF-κB & MAPK Activation InhibitorsInhibitors of NF-κB and MAP kinase activation
mTOR & Calcineurin Signaling InhibitorsInhibitors of mTOR and Calcineurin Signaling
JAK/STAT Activation InhibitorsInhibitors of JAK/STAT activation
Antimicrobial peptideLL-37: Antimicrobial peptide


Antibodies for NeutralizationAntibodies for PRR Neutralization and flow cytometry


TLR AntagonistsTLR4 and TLR9 ligands that block the signaling cascade
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