CpG-free DNA

Bacterial DNA is rich in unmethylated cytosine-phosphate-guanine (CpG) sites, unlike mammalian DNA, in which most CpG sites are methylated (specifically, at the 5’-position of the cytosine). Unmethylated CpGs in specific sequence contexts activate the vertebrate immune system. Genes with these sequences are recognized as foreign DNA by the vertebrate host, leading to a progressive decline in their expression.

More info on CpG-free DNA

InvivoGen develops plasmids completely devoid of CpG dinucleotides, named "pCpG plasmids". InvivoGen offers 5 families of pCpG plasmids. Given that many non-mammalian genes are widely used as resistance, reporter or cytotoxic genes in molecular and cellular studies, InvivoGen has synthesized new alleles of these genes, with reduced or no CpG dinucleotides. These synthetic genes exhibit higher activity and lower immunogenicity than do their wild-type counterparts.

InvivoGen is an expert in developing CpG-Free genes and now offers a custom CpG-Free gene service. Send us the sequence of your gene of interest, and our specialists will design, synthesize, and clone into an expression vector, a CpG-Free allele of this gene. We guarantee that the sequence of the synthetic gene will match the designed sequence 100%.

Disclaimer: Our products are provided for research purpose only. Commercial applications may require licensing from third parties.
Note that the sequence of available ORFs provided by InvivoGen can differ from a given reference Genbank record due to genetic variations and/or alternative splicing. Customers should verify that the version of a gene sold by InvivoGen is suitable for the customer needs.
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