3'3'-cGAMP Control

STING agonist negative control (pGpA)

3’3’-cGAMP Control, also known as pGpA, is a linear dinucleotide analog that can be obtained after hydrolysis of cyclic guanosine monophosphate- adenosine monophosphate (3’3’-cGAMP) by phosphodiesterases [1]. 3’3’-cGAMP, a second messenger molecule produced in bacteria, binds the cytosolic DNA sensor STING (stimulator of interferon genes) and induces the production of type I interferons (IFNs). Due to its linear conformation, pGpA is intended to serve as a negative control for 3’3’-cGAMP in type I IFN induction assays.

The importance of dinucleotide conformation has been well established in bacteria, where RNA regulatory riboswitches are able to discriminate between biologically active CDNs and their corresponding linear dinucleotides [1-3].


Description: 3'3'-cGAMP negative control
Synonym: 3’5’-pGpA sodium salt
CAS number: 20137-01-3
Formula: C20H23N10O14P2 .3Na
Molecular weight: 758.38
Purity: ≥ 95% by LC/MS & NMR
Solubility: 50 mg/ml in water

Quality control:
- The inability of 3'3'-cGAMP Control to induce type I interferon (IFN) has been confirmed in THP1-Blue™ ISG cells.
- The absence of endotoxins and other bacterial contaminants has been confirmed using HEK-Blue™ TLR4 and HEK-Blue™ TLR2 cells.


- 1 mg lyophilized 3'3'-cGAMP Control (pGpA)
- 1.5 ml endotoxin-free water

Product is shipped at room temperature and should be stored at -20 °C. Product is sterile filtered prior to lyophilization.


1. Gao J. et al., 2015. Identification and characterization of phosphodiesterases that specifically degrade 3'3'-cyclic GMP-AMP. Cell Res. 25(5):539-50.
2. Ren A. et al., 2015. Structural Basis for Molecular Discrimination by a 3',3'-cGAMP Sensing Riboswitch. Cell Rep. 11(1):1-12.
3. Smith K. et al., 2012. Structural and biochemical characterization of linear dinucleotide analogues bound to the c-di-GMP-I aptamer. Biochemistry. 51(1):425-32.


3'3'-cGAMP Control

Description STING agonist negative control
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